I created my magazine – The Unrecognized Gender

Hereby I proudly present the magazine created all by myself, from interviewing and writing to layout designing and printing: The Unrecognized Gender (with 48 pages)

A preview of the magazine:

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Having spent three months on the entire product, I finally finished it with transgender people (generally refers to people who aspires to belong to sex that is different from his or her biological sex) as the main theme.

Apart from telling personal stories of several trans-men (Female-to-male transgender people) and trans-women(Male-to-female transgender people), it also looks into medical, legal and social impacts if a gender recognition scheme is to be implemented in the territory.

A couple of infographics and a timeline of related events were also attached to show the development of the LGBT controversy and the procedures of sex change application in Hong Kong.

It is my conviction that this magazine, which probably may be the first-ever and only publication that provides a universal view of the scheme and its consequences in the city, can be very meaningful to the public.

Thank you, my 20+ interviewees for accepting my interviewing and sharing their stories with me, especially for transgender interviewees who might have undergone life-long struggles.  I cannot thank my professor enough, who offered me so much help and advice during the process.

If you would like to inquire for any hard copies, please email ywlo.961118@gmail.com


Post 90s funeral planner: Zack

Zack 作為少數從事殯儀業的年輕人,認為死亡只是人生的一個時間點。對於這個每人都必需經歷的事情,他又有甚麼看法?LKFtv 帶你認識年輕一代的禮儀師。

Shan Opera: preserving Chinese Opera


Homosexual priest: Joe

同志牧師 Joe 相信神愛世人,所以性小眾也應獲得接納。面對偏見,他認為只有放下驕傲,虛心聆聽,才是理解同志教徒的正確出路。#LKFtv《香港地。道》系列,帶你認識這位彩虹傳道人。

Xeme: Mural artist

塗鴉藝術家 Xeme 不介意自己嘅創作被破壞,反而認為呢樣先係塗鴉嘅本質。由閱讀塗鴉書籍,到走入大街小巷以噴罐作畫,Xeme 運用有限空間,噴出無限創意。#LKFtv《香港地。道》系列,帶你進入沒有束縛的塗鴉世界。

May 28 – Plus size fashion

專營加大碼時裝的 Makayla,曾為自己的身形感到困惑,最後決定活出真我,以自信穿出時尚,建立自己的服裝品牌。#LKFtv《香港地。道》系列,帶你發掘時裝的無限可能。

March 14 – Erotic Photographer Peggie

Another episode for the HK series:

Erotic photographer Peggie, aged 16, explains her work and unforgettable experiences with LKFtv’s audiences.  She believes that every woman can explore their beauties regardless of their physical appearances.

Peggie 雖然生於傳統家庭 ,卻以情色攝影為事業。自認反叛的她,成功擺脫世俗的有色眼光,在赤裸中創造美感,為鏡頭下的模特兒找回自信。

Feb 28 – Sammy’s Photo Studio

This is a visual story I did for LKFtv.

Sammy Photo Studio, now located in Yau Ma Tei, was established in 1937.  The current owner and the third inheritor of the studio Lam Kwok-shing, 68, shoots only in film and touches up photos by hand.


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